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When families lose a baby - either during pregnancy or after the baby is born - the pain is intense and can lead family members to despair, depression or other mental health problems, substance use or abuse, and a crisis of faith.

Families of faith will naturally turn to their faith leaders and churches for guidance, support and healing.

While African American families are disproportionately affected by stillbirth and infant mortality, they are, overall, less likely to access bereavement support resources.

The African American Faith-Based Bereavement Initiative (AAFBBI) was created specifically for the African American Christian faith community to improve supports for families experiencing these losses.


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Creating an Embracing Faith Community for Those Who Have Lost a Baby

1. Why Do We Care? Opening Our Eyes to Our Community's Pain

2. Why Do We Care? The Pain Can Last a Lifetime: What the Research Tells Us

3. Holding Up the Mirror: For Clergy

4. Lack of Knowledge About the Grief Process: Age Old Wisdom

5. What Families Need

6. What Congregations Can Do

7. When Our Love Is Not Enough

8. Summary: A Beacon of Hope and Support