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Lack of knowledge about the grief process - age old wisdom

The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart.

Psalm 34:18

If we are going to be helpful to families who have lost a baby or a pregnancy, we need to understand the grief process. Each of us may have our own ideas about grief: What mitigates it? What makes it worse? How should people handle it? How long should it last? What is the best way to express grief? What is the right way to help someone who is grieving?

Too often our ideas about grief come from what we have heard others say throughout our lives. Unfortunately, those age old truths may not be so true. In this section, you will learn about what we know about the grief process and basic ways that you can be supportive to families who are grieving.

First, let’s test your knowledge and skills about grief and pregnancy and infant loss. You'll find a True-False quiz on the next page.

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