National Center for Cultural Competence

Cultural Brokering in The Community

These stories are highlighted from the print Guide as case studies of "Cultural Brokering in the Community." Additional information about the groups featured is included where available.

Table of Contents:

bullet DC Physician Creates an Environment of Trust For His Patients
bullet Breast Health Awareness Bag Benefits Generations of Women
bullet Physicians Gain insight into HMONG Health Beliefs and Practices
bullet Rural Clinics Community Board Enhances Program Inclusiveness and Sustainability
bullet Native American Women Bring Date Rape Prevention To The Classroom
bullet Cultural and Linguistic Competence Guide Connections With Community
bullet Community Members Help Direct Health Interventions in Diverse Community
bullet NAVAJO Health Educator Monitors Tribal Health Through Home Visits
bullet Cultural Exchanges Foster Reciprocity Between Shaman and Physicians
bullet Rest Breaks Provide Health Education Moment for farm Workers
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