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Process of Inquiry - Communicating in a Multicultural Environment

=Introduction, Purpose, and Rationale

Health care, public health, and mental health care systems have the responsibility to both receive and convey a complex array of information to a myriad of audiences for a broad variety of purposes.

The following is a selected listing of such audiences and purposes in which the dynamics of communication are cross-cutting.

  • provider-patient and/or family level
  • organizational level
  • community level
  • population-based level
  • local, county, state, and national levels
  • international level
  • build trusting relationships with individuals, families, and communities for improved health and well-being
  • craft and deliver health and wellness promotion messages to individuals, families, and communities
  • report on epidemiological trends and disease or illness burden
  • provide general and/or population-specific risk reduction, screening, and early intervention services and information

Section C:

  1. Presents a rationale of the critical importance of communication in health care, public health, and mental health care systems, particularly in light of the multicultural and multilingual groups that compose the U.S. population today
  2. Explores the concept of the process of inquiry and its implications for communication in a multicultural environment
  3. Connects the concept of process of inquiry to policy, practices, and procedures at the individual and organization levels
  4. Weaves activities through the key content to enhance knowledge application. The content of this module is designed for full integration into the curricula of training programs in health, mental health, and public health as they prepare the current and future leaders in these systems.

Key Content Areas in the Process of Inquiry—Communicating in a Multicultural Environment

I. The Language-Culture Link
II. Communication, Culture, Health, and Mental Health Care
III. Communication and Quality of Care
IV. Process of Inquiry: Attitudes and Knowledge
V. Process of Inquiry: Skill Building and Tools
VI. Applying the Process of Inquiry to Communities
VII. Communicating With Limited English Speakers in Health and Mental Health Care Settings



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