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MCHB Strategic Plan for 2003–2007
Goal 3: Eliminate Health Barriers and Disparities
Key Strategy
Develop and promote health services and systems of care designed to eliminate
disparities and barriers across the MCH
Performance Measure
The degree to which MCHB-supported programs have incorporated cultural competence elements into their policies, guidelines, contracts, and training.
Key Strategy
Train an MCH workforce that is culturally competent and reflects an increasingly diverse population.
Performance Measure
The degree to which MCHB long-term training grantees include cultural competency in their curricula and training.
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The Division of Research, Training and Education (DRTE) plays a central role in supporting both the vision and mission of MCHB through its funded programs. These programs promote interdisciplinary leadership training and new knowledge development to ensure capacity within this nation’s current and future MCH workforce.

The DRTE has strategic goals and objectives that focus on enhancing cultural competence in student and faculty recruitment and retention, in professional development and continuing education, in evidence-based knowledge and practice, and in cultivation of leadership within the field of public health, particularly in maternal and child health.

- Supported through a grant from the DRTE, the National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC) is assisting the MCHB in realizing its vision and achieving stated goals, with a particular focus on the essential role of cultural and linguistic competency in health care. The NCCC created resources to respond to Goal 3 of the MCHB Strategic Plan that addresses the elimination of health barriers and disparities.




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