Leadership Institute

John StanfordJohn Thomas Sanford, Esq.


Director of the Office of Recipient Rights for the State of Michigan's Department of Health and Human Services 

Area of Expertise

  • Disability rights
  • Disability Law
  • Mental Health Law

Interest and Desire to Mentor

I would like to be a mentor because it would provide me an opportunity to help the mentee honestly assess his or her areas of strength and growth. Additionally, I would hope that with my help the mentee would acquire the confidence and tools they need in their chosen profession. I would like to see my mentee acquire sensitivity to diversity that would continue with them throughout their life.

Values and Approaches to Mentoring

A mentor needs to provide to a mentee help in finding their life direction. A mentor should provide insight to the mentee on they should strive to keep on task in setting goals and priorities. Hopefully, the mentor's sharing of personal experience will help the mentee to avoid making mistakes and learn how to develop good decision-making. The mentor should always focus on helping the mentee to improve their behavior and always striving to improve their character.