Leadership Institute

Judith HoltJudith M. Holt, Ph.D.


Co-Director, Utah Regional LEND &
Associate Professor
Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation
Utah State University

Area of Expertise

  • Over40 years of experience in the disability field
  • Enhancing organizational/ systems capacity to better support children, youth, and adults with disabilities and their families in accessing identified services and supports within their community.
  • Understanding and responding to the critical challenges of racial and ethnic diversity in designing and implementing service systems that actually meet individual needs.

Interest and Desire to Mentor

I have had decades of experience in a variety of settings and have learned that addressing racial and ethnic diversity is a requisite for service/health and providers, administrators, as well as the academic community. I would like to be available to support others as they progress on their path toward accomplishing their goals. I have the time and have learned the importance of building trust. I value the importance of intentionality in addressing challenging areas as well as developing creative strategies to address them.

Values and Approaches to Mentoring

I value the perspective and objectives identified by the mentee. My role as a mentor is not to provide the answers, but to assist in asking the questions. I have a commitment to the capacity to grow and change and actively improve the trajectory or service and health care systems.