Leadership Institute

Natalie HoldrenNatalie Holdren, Ph.D.


Education Specialist,
Credential Supervisor
UC Santa Barbara,
President - California TASH

Area of Expertise

  • Special Education Teacher Training,
  • Inclusive Education,
  • Family and Student Partnership,
  • Post-Secondary Education

Interest and Desire to Mentor

I am interested in mentoring because I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and support through my participation in the Leadership Institute. I would love to pay it forward and support future cohorts as they set out to further cultural and linguistic competence within their organizations and networks. I also look forward to learning from my mentee, as this process is a journey, and embracing multiple perspectives is at the core of the work.

Values and Approaches to Mentoring

One of my primary goals as a mentor is to help others as they navigate the discrepancies between best practice and the current realities of the field. Transitioning from the leadership retreat, back to your organization to roll up your sleeves and get to work can feel both exciting and overwhelming. I see my role as a mentor as providing support for individuals as they figure out how to prioritize the small systematic steps they will take while gathering allies, building support networks, and celebrating each success.