Leadership Institute

Rick YbarraRick Ybarra


Program Officer, Integrated Healthcare Initiative
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Area of Expertise

  • Clinical Practice,
  • Integrated Healthcare
  • Program and systems reforms for historically underserved populations
  • Administering multiple provider contracts
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating state CLC plans
  • Adoption and inclusion of the CLAS Standards and CLC metrics and benchmarks into provider contracts

Interest and Desire to Mentor

Mentoring is an important form of support, on both personal and professional levels.  I have gained a lot from those who have mentored me and am deeply committed to passing on this gift to others.  My experience in mentoring others had been very rewarding and has provided me with a sense of pride in contributing to the continued growth and development of others.

Values and Approaches to Mentoring

My mentoring approach is strength-based, working with the mentee to identify strengths and opportunities for professional development improvement, gained through the mentees resume, work setting, professional goals/aspirations, and activation/engagement. I assist the mentee in identifying (if needed) soft spots and agree upon strategies to build skills/competencies, directly related to the overarching professional goal(s). “Less is best.” Using logic model methodology, I assist/collaborate/support the development of a mentees professional goal, identify 3-to-5 key objectives (short, mid, and/or long term), strategies to address objectives, resources needed to launch/support strategies. Timely check ins on the goal and objectives conducted (quarterly; mid-year) to ensure that we are still on time/task and meeting mentees needs.