Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute



There are two distinct yet related challenges currently confronting the network of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families, organizations, and concerned constituents:  1) the lack of capacity across all aspects of the network to develop, nurture, and support a pool of people who are prepared to lead efforts that advance and sustain cultural and linguistic competence (CLC) and cultural diversity; and 2) there are few members of racial, ethnic, and cultural groups, including people with disabilities from these groups, presently occupying or being groomed to become leaders and assume leadership positions network-wide. The Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC), in partnership with organizations and individuals representing a broad sector of the I/DD network, are partnering to implement a Leadership Institute that will serve as a catalyst for change to address these two challenges in a manner that is consistent with the values, principles, and practices of CLC and diversity leadership.

Leadership Institute Goal 

The primary goal of the Leadership Institute is to increase the number and capacity of leaders to advance and sustain CLC and respond to the growing cultural diversity among people with I/DD in the United States, territories, and tribal communities.  

Leadership Institute Objectives

Guided by its Wisdom Council, the Leadership Institute will:

  • Adapt a proven leadership curriculum/model (Georgetown University Leadership Academy ©) to the unique socio-cultural contexts of the I/DD network.
  • Conduct annual Leadership Academies and support those currently or interested in leadership positions with coaching/mentoring programs with particular focus on members of racial/ethnic groups and individuals with disabilities underrepresented in the I/DD network leadership.
  • Offer web-based learning and reflection forums that address the unique challenges of leading cultural diversity and CLC.
  • Provide mentoring to selected organizations focused on I/DD and committed to addressing diversity and CLC.

Anticipated Outcomes

It is anticipated that the Leadership Institute will:

  • increase the number of individuals from culturally diverse groups with a core set of leadership skills that foster career and life goals;
  • create an innovative model for cross-cultural mentoring that supports leadership for CLC established for the I/DD network; and
  • provide 5 organizations with I/DD with enhanced capacity for CLC and diversity.

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