Leadership Institute

Wisdom Council

The Leadership Institute uses a Wisdom Council to guide its work and meet its goal and objectives. Wisdom Councils have their roots in the cultures of the Mayan and pre-Mayan peoples and have been used historically to bring diverse groups together to address complex issues and reach consensus using the following energies or principles: (1) clarity & action, (2) integrity & vitality, (3) inter-relatedness & timing, (4) maintenance & balance, (5) purpose & direction, (6) power & danger, (7) present condition & appreciation, and (8) freedom & creativity.1

Over the five-year project period, the Leadership Institute’s Wisdom Council will provide sage counsel by providing input on ¬†curricula adaptation, topics for the web-based learning and reflection forums, mentoring activities, dissemination, and evaluation. The Wisdom Council will meet via conference calls three times annually and provide guidance in small groups. Membership includes 20 representatives from across the I/DD network.

Wisdom Council Members

Diana Autin
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network
New Jersey’s Parent Training and Information Center

Fabricio Balcazar
Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research
College of Applied Health Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago

Harolyn M.E. Belcher
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine - Pediatrics
The Family Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Dawn Cooper
Diversity & Cultural Competency
The Arc of the United States

Daniel Crimmins
Center for Leadership in Disability (UCEDD)
Georgia State University School of Public Health

Diana Denboba
Former Branch Chief and Project Officer for NCCC
Maternal and Child Health Bureau, HRSA, HHS

Judith M. Holt
Division of Interdisciplinary Training
Center for Persons with Disabilities
Utah State University

Andrew J. Imparato
Association of University Centers on Disabilities  

James R. Meadours
Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered

Donna A. Meltzer
National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities

Dawn Rudolph
Association of University Centers on Disabilities

Thomas Uno
Northern Arizona University
Institute for Human Development
Association of University Centers on Disabilities, Multicultural Council

Nora Wells
Family Voices National

Nachama L. Wilker
National Disability Rights Network

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