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The Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC) has identified a collection of resources related to cultural and linguistic competence in the intellectual and other developmental disabilities (IDD) space. This includes a variety of materials.

Each resource has been carefully selected, reviewed, and annotated by the NCCC to further the mission of this project aiming to improve the lives of persons with lived experience of IDD in the state of New York.

Stay updated on new additions to the Resource Bank by regularly checking the NCCC-OPWDD Partnership website or by registering to join our email list. For any questions about the Resource Bank, please email OPWDD-NCCCpartnership@georgetown.edu.

You can search this collection in three ways: by topic area, by resource type, and by keyword. Use the search features below based on your needs.

1. Find Resources by Topic Area

Click on the boxes below to see all resources related to each topic area.

Disparities and Inequities

Examine differences in services or outcomes that disadvantage some groups

Services and Supports

Cultural and linguistic competence in the way services and supports are provided

-Isms and Intersectionality

Resources that recognize and address -isms (i.e. ableism, racism, sexism, etc.) and how they impact individuals with disabilities

Communication (Linguistic Competence, Accessibility, etc.)

Effective communication with diverse populations, including those with disabilities


Assess cultural and linguistic competence within your organization or program


Find resources advocating for policies that advance cultural and linguistic competence

Training and Professional Development

Enhance knowledge and skills for academic programs and professionals

Community Engagement

Foster culturally and linguistically competent partnerships with communities


Support cultural and linguistic competence in research endeavors.

Organizational Change and Leadership

Advance cultural and linguistic competence within networks and leadership roles

2. Find Materials by Resource Type

Click on the boxes below to see resources by type:

Article (PDF)

Article (Webpage)



Guide (PDF)



Peer-Reviewed Journal Article



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