Topical Conference Call Series Archive

Engaging Families and Youth from Diverse Communities in Partnership: Implications for State Title V/CSHCN Programs

April 23, 2002
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Featured Speakers

Connie Wells, Executive Director Florida Institute on Family Involvement

Nairobi Shellow, Executive Director, Youth Organizers United (YOU)

Leslie Carroll, Family Consultant, CSHCN Program, Community and Family Health, Washington Department of Health


Toni Fisher, M.A., Senior Policy Associate, Maternal and Child Health Projects National Center for Cultural Competence

Diana Denboba, Public Health Analyst, Division of Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, Department of Health & Human Services

Conference Call Description & Objective

This conference call is designed to raise awareness of the importance of engaging youth and families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds in Title V/CSHCN programs including:

  • family and youth participation in all program phases including planning, implementation and evaluation;
  • strategies to enhance family and youth participation in Title V/CSHCN program activities; and
  • potential outcomes for state Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) programs as a result of family member and youth involvement.

The objective of the conference call is to provide a forum for discussion of three organization's experiences with engaging families and youth from diverse backgrounds in program activities.

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Implications for State Title V/CSHCN Programs

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